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Start Revisioning Pharmacy’s Role in Revenue Generation. Tap into one of a pharmacy’s most hidden revenue opportunities with our trusted and proven expertise. MedReb8 is a data aggregation company that specializes in pharmaceutical rebates and effective pharmacy formulary management, ensuring that pharmacies not only maximize their rebate potential but also manage their medication inventory efficiently.

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We can help you capture available but unrealized revenue from uncaptured pharmaceutical rebates. Our clients receive quarterly payments of significant value from our program. MedReb8 has been able to bring millions of dollars to our nationwide clients annually.


The Process

The organization sets up a report for 11 data elements to be transferred in a flat file monthly through MedReb8’s secure FTP. MedReb8 in turn ensures correct formatting and submits this data to drug manufacturers through a robust and proprietary IT platform. MedReb8 then provides rebate payment to the pharmacy, and keeps a percentage as compensation for services. Medreb8 also provides reporting for the client’s internal use and medication Inventory and ordering analysis.


Strictest standards of data security and compliance


No out of pocket cost


No change in processes, no training of staff, no change in or disruption to operations


Quarterly payment


Reporting that comes back to you

The Team

This is our niche. It is all we do, and we do it exceptionally well. And our clients will tell you that. MedReb8 is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals with decades of healthcare experience in administration, IT, compliance, forensics, pharmacy, and accounting.




In hundreds
of hospitals


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